Established in 2011

2 See Video Productions was founded in 2011 by Justin Rickelman. After working at the local ABC Affiliate for over a decade, he decided to transition to his own company doing what his passion calls for. The consistent creativity has brought him dozens of awards, most notably 3 Emmys from 2 See Video Productions brings years of training, knowledge and experience to help other companies throughout the United States reach their full potential with video marketing.



Justin Rickelman


"2 See Video Productions was built on a desire to unleash creativity, bringing ideas to life through the power of video marketing. It’s our passion to make engaging videos that give the viewer something to think about, enjoy and remember. From commercials to weddings, corporate videos to training videos and everything in-between."

Kimberly Rickelman

Photographer/Adventure Coordinator 

I’ve had a passion for photography and adventure ever since I was a little kid. Now I get to adventure as an adult while creating lifelong memories for people and thats pretty stinkin awesome. I love getting to know different people from all walks of life and capturing AMAZING MOMENTS