Top 3 Reasons your Business Needs a Video

Top 3 Reasons your Business Needs a Video

1. Google Loves Video!

You are 53x’s more likely to show up first in google if you have video embedded on your website. Video increases the average conversion rate by 87%!

2. Social Media

You are more likely to engage with your social media audience through video.
Facebook KNOWS that video matters, that’s why Facebook shows relevance to video more than ANY other forms of content posted.
Posts on social media with video result in over 94% more page visits than those with out. You can now post up to 60 second videos on Instagram and YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world!

3. Engages even the laziest of buyers

Today’s modern customer doesn’t have time to sit and read – they want to see the product in action! Video gives the viewer loads of information in just seconds and creates more emotional connections. Emotional connections drive Brand Loyalty and ultimately create trust.

74% of web traffic will come from video in 2017 – Are you IN or OUT?

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